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Reframe Spotlight: ‘The Coca-Cola Case’

Did the soft drink giant pay to murder union organizers in South America? You decide.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Helen Keller In Her Story’

Watch this Oscar-winning documentary now.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Hell House’

This acclaimed documentary looks at a church's unconventional methods to get their message across.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘In Schools We Trust’

A historical look at public schools in the USA.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Smothering Dreams’

A Vietnam veteran looks at the horrors of war and our country's addiction to it.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Hubby/Wifey’

Hightighting a modern lesbian love story by looking in the past.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘The Needful Head’

This week we showcase a title from our animated category.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Behind The Labels’

A closer look behind that "Made In USA" label on your clothes.