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RSVP For The SAI Screening

See amazing student-produced work on August 1.

TFI’s Education Program Looks Back On The Summer And Gives A Peek At The Fall

Here's what we did this summer. Hope you join us for some great programs in the fall.

[UPDATE] Help Our Film Fellow Pay For College

Read Frisly's story and learn how to contribute to his higher learning.

What’s TFI Youth Doing This Summer?

Preview of this year's Summer Arts Institute and one of our Film Fellow's projects.

Wyatt Maker, Tribeca Youth

Wyatt Maker is currently a student at State University of New York at Buffalo.

Video: Developing Young Audiences

TFI's Lisa Lucas moderates a panel with Vee Bravo (Maysles Institute, Estilo Hip Hop), Anne del Castillo (POV) and Logan Smalley (Darius Goes West, TED-Ed).

Weekly Roundup: July 3-10

This week's highlights include the kick-off of our Summer Arts Institute and a long holiday weekend.

A Summer Arts Institute Alum Returns as Staff

Wyatt Maker, an alum of various TFI Youth programs, speaks about what he's learned and about returning to work on this year's Summer Arts Institute.