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Introducing Our 2019 Tribeca Film Fellows

Meet Ingrid, Diamond, Bia, Richards, Alice and Britney

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James Duarte Shares His Journey

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The Journey to Becoming a Filmmaker Before Film School - Notes from a 11th Grade Film Fellow

2017 Film Fellow Lola Kenet shares her experience in the program.

TFI Alum News: A Conversation with Francisco Perez

Tribeca Film Fellows® alum Francisco Perez is jetting from the Bahamas to Vermont as his filmmaking and photography career explodes. 

TFI Alum News: A Conversation with Sen Floyd

Sen Floyd talks about photographing hip-hop greats in Senematic, and how being part of Tribeca Film Fellows informed his creative trajectory.

Tribeca Film Fellows Create Riverkeeper Short

The film, KEEPING ON, explores how and why Riverkeeper was founded, many of its incredible accomplishments, and the steps necessary to preserve the integrity of the Hudson River. 

Film Fellows @ TIFF 2014

The Fellows meet our neighbors to the north.