2013 TFI Interactive: Spotlight On ‘Alma’ and ‘New Day New Standard’

Along with using TFI Interactive to give a stage to the tastemakers in the transmedia world, this year we also shined a light on the projects that were awarded grants for the 2012 TFI New Media Fund. Here Margaux Missika, behind Alma: A Tale of Violence, and Marisa Jahn from New Day New Standard talk about their projects.

Alma: A cross-platform project based on the life of former Guatemalan gang member. In a moving confession, Alma tells her story through a unique interactive web/tablet concept in which the viewer moves between two screen levels, a face-to-face experience and a visual evocation of Alma’s recollections.

New Day New Standard: A public art interactive hotline that informs nannies, housekeepers, elder caregivers, and their employers about New York’s landmark Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights, passed in November 2010. Part I features episodes combining equal parts advice and humor; Part II features an expanded storytelling initiative for callers to record and share their own messages.

TFI Interactive is the all-day event our Digital Initiatives department headed with leadership support from the Ford Foundation during the Tribeca Film Festival that's dedicated to inspire content creators.

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