‘Intersection of I’ Arrives at Tribeca Film Festival as part of Storyscapes

Intersection of I is an immersive video installation and part of Whitney Dow's ongoing The Whiteness Project, a 2015 TFI New Media Fund grantee. It combines video, data visualization, and interactivity to explore how millennials who identify as white, or partially white, process their racial identity.

Intersection of I will have its World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival this year. We asked Whitney Dow, creator of The Whiteness Project, where his inspiration to create this project came from.

Dow: This work grew out of my desire to pursue a conceptual idea that was not constrained by the narrative limitations of linear filmmaking.

Dow is no stranger to linear filmmaking, having worked on numerous independent films including executive producing the 2009 Tribeca All Access® grantee Resolution 07-609: The Rule of Law. However the The Whiteness Project definitely steps outside of the limitations of traditional cinematic storytelling. It’s a multi-platform investigation into the role that whiteness and privilege play in American society, designed to drive a new and unique strand of dialog in the ongoing national conversation on race. It does this by interviewing people who identify as white and asking about their relationship to, and their understanding of, their own whiteness.

Dow: Every interview I have ever done on this project has been a “wow” moment for me. I am always amazed by, and grateful for, the honesty of the people that participate in the Whiteness Project.

Whiteness is a topic most people likely have an opinion on, whether or not they identify as white. The creators behind the The Whiteness Project embrace this reality and a recent Facebook page post invites audience participation.

Whiteness Project was conceived in the spirit of dialogue and encourages people to weigh in on the work we are doing. 

For Dow this exploration of racial identity has been an ongoing process.

Dow: Race has been the focus of my work for almost two decades.

Dow confesses that, throughout all these decades of work, the biggest obstacle he faced is one perhaps familiar to all filmmakers: fear. His trick for overcoming that fear is persistence. Join him as he continues on in this overarching exploration of whiteness at Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes.  

Key Collaborators on Intersection of I include: John Kudos, Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano, and Michelle Byrd