Reframe Spotlight: I LIVE AT GROUND ZERO

Each week, we will be presenting one trailer from the Reframe Collection, a program of Tribeca Film Institute that seeks to help individual filmmakers, distributors, archives, libraries and other media owners to digitize and sell their work using the internet, and to become a one-stop location for anyone seeking these films.

This week’s Reframe pick is filmmaker Greta Schiller’s I Live at Ground Zero, from Jezebel Productions. As we remember and reflect on the ninth anniversary of 9/11, this film offers the perspective of nine-year-old Isabella, who called Tribeca home and attended PS 234 two blocks north of the World Trade Center on that fateful day. Through I Live at Ground Zero, Schiller – also Isabella’s aunt – captures her attempts to make sense of the enormity of the sudden changes in her life following 9/11.

To watch the trailer and rent or purchase I Live at Ground Zero, please visit the TFI Reframe Collection.


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