Submissions Open For Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter>

Submissions Closed

Pack your bags folks, we're taking our hackathon to Switzerland! Submissions are now open for Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter>, where filmmakers and scientists will combine forces in an attempt to explain our origins through science and various forms of storytelling. What is created when we simultaneously build a universe through science, technology and storytelling? What imagination will be realized? This March, five teams will venture into this unknown, advancing the field of storytelling.

You must apply by February 17 to be considered.

From March 15-19 in Geneva, Switzerland at the world-renowned CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, filmmakers will be paired with scientists to translate new storylines into innovative technologies. With the collaboration of the Lift Conference and the Geneva International Film, TV and Transmedia Festival - Festival Tous Ecrans, both filmmakers and scientists will lead their team in creating new story-driven, tech-based works.

The event will take place as part of the CineGlobe International Film Festival. This marks the first science-based and international edition of the Tribeca Hacks series.

The hackathon is open to all by application, and seeks the participation of those who are passionate about science, and excited about new ways of storytelling and creating narrative structure. The selected applicants will be invited to CERN to participate in the hackathon just before the CineGlobe festival.

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