TFI LIVE Podcast, Episode #2


We've made it to episode 2! This month we talk with two of our alumni who have films opening in the coming weeks and we chat with the creator of a new online distribution service that filmmakers might want to pursue if going the DIY route with their films.

First up we chat with Penny Lane about her much talked about documentary, Our Nixon. A 2012 TFI Documentary Fund grantee, the documentary looks at the Richard Nixon presidency through the lens of Super 8 home movies shot by his top aids. The film has been hailed for its unconventional style and also criticized by others, including the last living aid who shot the footage, who feel the film brings nothing new to how Nixon is preceived. It can currently be seen on CNN and will play theatrically starting August 30 (see showtimes).

Then we talk to Joshua Sanchez about his debut feature, Four (16:57). The film, which looks at the lives of four characters over a July 4th evening, was a 2007 Tribeca All Access® grantee and stars Wendell Pierce (The Wire) in a powerful role which garnered him a Sprit Award nomination. The film opens in theaters on September 13 (see showtimes).

Lastly, we talk to the co-founder of VHX, Jamie Wilkinson (34:48). The site has gained attention for its unique "direct-to-fan" service that lets you distribute your film directly from your website while also providing assistance in design, social media integration, SEO optimization and analytics tools. And the filmmaker keeps all the rights to their movie! Success stories include Indie Game: The Movie, Upstream Color and Aziz Ansari's standup special Dangerously Delicious.

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Host: Jason Guerrasio, TFI Web Editor
Along with creating the web content for TFI, Jason also writes regularly about movies and the film industry for numerous publications including Vanity Fair, Indiewire and Previously he was the managing editor of Filmmaker Magazine.

Technician: Gavin Mevius
Gavin is a NYC-based writer and editor. You can catch his skills in front of the mic at his own podcast, KGBcast.

Music: Mr. Simmonds
Mr. Simmonds is a music producer, DJ and beat maker. Learn more at /