‘This Time Next Year’ Awarded Inaugural Resilient Communities Project

Today TFI announced a project that marks their first film collaboration with The Rockefeller Foundation. Called The Resilient Communities Project, it will provide support of a film beginning in the early creative process and help promote social action through digital and education initiatives.

This will be the first time TFI has fully funded a film and social action campaign.

The project will provide funding for Jeff Reichert (Gerrymandering, Remote Area Medical) and Farihah Zaman’s (Remote Area Medical) feature documentary This Time Next Year, a project that tracks the resilience of Long Beach Island, New Jersey residents during their slow rebuilding process following Hurricane Sandy. The filmmaking team have lifelong ties to the area—co-director Jeff Reichert’s family has lived there for decades and producer Dan O'Meara is an Island native.

Eighteen miles long and only a few blocks wide, Long Beach Island is home to approximately 20,000 year-round residents. In October of 2012, Long Beach Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Battered by a high storm surge, flooding and winds, the island was evacuated by order of Governor Chris Christie on October 28. Sandy left dozens of homes and businesses in ruins and, as a whole, Long Beach Island suffered an estimated billion dollars in damage. This Time Next Year begins just before Christmas 2012 and ends a year later. From the small triumphs of individual families able to finally return to their homes, to the larger political issues surrounding the slowly released state and federal aid monies, the character-driven film highlights the resilience of the Island’s inhabitants during the rebuilding process, including the altruism of Island residents who worked tirelessly after the storm to help bail out their neighbors.

TFI and The Rockefeller Foundation’s support for This Time Next Year began with initial funding support in August 2013 and will continue through 2014. In addition to financial support, TFI will provide mentoring and guidance throughout development, production and release—from ongoing shooting through December 2013, including the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, to social and community action campaigns and strategic partnerships that will help communities prepare for a natural disaster and understand how climate change is affecting them. 

The campaign will also include national theatrical and grassroots screenings, and free educational screenings through TFI’s existing Tribeca Youth Screening Series®.

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[Photo: This Time Next Year]