Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter> Wows At CERN

We're happy to report that our first international hackathon was a rousing success. Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter> at CERN brought together people from the worlds of media, film and science to Switzerland for a five-day hack focusing on scientific storytelling (take a glimpse at what went on in the above video). People traveled from as far as Brazil, France and Portugal to be a part of it, with the 43 participants being split into teams to create projects. The hack wrapped up with a presentation of the works at CERN's renowned Globe in front of an audience of 150 people.

Check out all the projects here.

We'd like to thank Neal Hartman and the CineGlobe Festival, the IdeaLab and a special thanks to all the participants for their amazing work. Also, thanks to our local collaborators: Festival Tous Ecrans and the Lift Conference.

Learn more about Tribeca Hacks.


[Photos by Sebastien Brothier]