[UPDATE] Ramin Bahrani Directs Latest Sigur Rós Video

Last month we told you about Alma Har'el's music video for the band Sigur Rós. Well, another TFI grantee has tried their hand at making a music video for the Icelandic band's latest album.

Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, Chop Shop, Goodbye Solo) has made a video around the band's song "Ég anda."

Shot beautifully by Hunter Baker, the video examines how the evolving industrialization of the country is affecting our wildlife (if you have a better idea what it's about we'd love to hear it). The video is dedicated to Jenni Jenkins, who co-authored the story behind Bahrani's 2009 short film Plastic Bag and tragically died last year.

Like Har'el's video, Bahrani was given a budget to shoot the video and creative control.

[UPDATE: 7/17] Bahrani was nice enough to send an email to TFI while currently researching a script down in Florida to comment on the video: "I did not know what the song was about until after I finished it and [Sigur Rós keyboardist] Kjartan [Sveinsson] told me what the lyrics meant. AND... we did not kill the fish. We tossed it into the East River."

See the video below.

Bahrani is currently working on a documentary through TAA on our centuries-old obsession with gold and in post production on the narrative At Any Price starring Zac Efron, Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham.


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