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Reframe Spotlight: ‘Education’s Big Gamble: Charter Schools’

Director John Merrow looks at charter schools and explores the good and bad in this territory of public education.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Family Portrait Sittings’

A look at family and America through many different lenses.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Woman of the Wolf’

Two versions of a 1904 story by poet Renee Vivien give different perspectives of a woman on a ship.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Haiku Vision’

Award-winning short looks at northern Japan's natural beauty.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘2371 Second Ave: An East Harlem Story’

A youth doc on the neglect in our inner city neighborhoods.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘School of Assassins’

Another button-pushing doc from Robert Richter.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘On Point’

The best in the dance world converge on Brazil to decide who are the tops in their craft.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Cooked’

With Valentine's Day around the corner, enjoy this romantic short.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy; Bye, Molly’

Ken Jacobs uses a legendary comedy duo and visual effects to create an experimental classic.

Reframe Spotlight: ‘Crossing Arizona’

Engaging doc on the hot button issue of illegal immigration.