Neil Discovers the Moon

Neil Armstrong gets a surprise on his first moonwalk.

Arts, Culture, & Sports, Identity & Diversity

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About the Film

Made in the USA, Neil Discovers the Moon (2011), is an imaginative one minute short that prompts a re-thinking of what we know about the process of “Discovery.”

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Film In Context

Native Americans in Hollywood Film

Since the era of silent filmmaking in the early 1900s, First Nations peoples have been used largely as props, the enemy, and comic relief in Hollywood films. The primary idea was that Indians were in the way of “progress” and “civilization” being achieved by colonial populations who sought to own and control all land inside the borders of what we now refer to as the United States. This hostility toward the first people to occupy these lands can be clearly seen through the stereotypes produced by Hollywood which in turn produce an almost singular idea of who or what Native Americans are. These representations shift over time, shaping audience’s perceptions of the many Native histories and communities that shape the country called America.

Historical perspective:

Stereotypes and vocabulary often associated with Native Americans: