Love Hate Love

Love Hate Love tells the story of three families from around the world whose lives were forever changed by some of the most notorious acts of terrorism of the past decade: the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, the London transit bombings and the Bali nightclub bombing.

Family, Global Perspectives, New York as character, Peace & Conflicts

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About the Film

Thousands of lives were shattered by three separate acts of terrorism: the attacks on the World Trade Center, the London bus bombing and the Sari Club bombing in Bali. This inspirational documentary tracks the difficult journeys of three families torn apart by these events as they struggle to pick up the pieces, create lasting legacies for loved ones lost, and ensure love triumphs over hatred.

Film In Context: Terrorism in the 21st Century

September 11th, 2001

October 12th, 2002: Bali bombings

July 7th, 2005: London bombings

While terrorism is very much a threat in the post 9/11 world, there are strong movements working to counter the work of terrorism and hatred by building peace and mutual understanding between different cultures. Love Hate Love profiles three individuals who were affected by the above terrorist attacks, and yet, these individuals and their families chose to enact positive change in the lives of others, rather than hatred. The movement toward peace and understanding is growing. Some individuals and organizations working to open dialogue and make peace a reality include: