5 Broken Cameras (Registered Schools Only)

When his fourth son Gibreel is born in 2005, self-taught cameraman Emad Burnat, a Palestinian villager, gets his first camera. At the same time, the people of his village begin to resist the construction of a separation barrier that will consume their farmlands. For the next year, Burnat films this non-violent struggle, lead by two of his best friends, while simultaneously recording the growth of his son. Very soon, these events begin to affect Emad and his family. Daily arrests, violent attacks, destruction, and loss of life scare his family as the protesters are shot at and detained by police. As Emad documents these events, one camera after another is smashed – and each camera becomes a chapter in his struggle.

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Thursday 7:00AM
02 Oct 2014

SVA Theatre

333 West 23rd Street