The power to tell one’s own story holds a sense of freedom not afforded to everyone. Through TFI’s work with interactive storytellers, we recognize the power of capturing stories about certain demographics/communities by creators from within those same communities.

The U.S. narrative has, historically, been defined by the continuous movement of human bodies across land and water, settling and resettling, in search of safety, adventure, change, and refuge. In today's baffling political climate, public discourse around “immigrant” and “refugee” has been polarized, diluting the real human experience that comes with displacement -- or the movement of a body away from its place of origin.

The Immigration Co/Lab brings together multidisciplinary creatives of various backgrounds (storytellers, technologists, designers, filmmakers, journalists, activists, policymakers etc) involved with and working at the forefront of immigration issues to create projects that serve their communities, to foster critical discussions on current issues, and to address the potential of interactive media to serve as a catalyst for social justice.

During the five-day lab, participants will create prototype stories about large-scale community issues using immersive and interactive technology. 

TFI Interactive identifies the following areas of focus for the Co/Lab: Privacy, Security & Surveillance, Information Data & Politics, Community & Representation, Reclaiming Identity. 

This initiative is made possible with support from Time Warner Foundation.


Where: New York City
When: December 6-10, 2017
Applicants notified: Mid November

Open Call: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Deadline: Monday, November 6, 2017