Key Ingredients, 2015

In 2015 we brought Key Ingredients back to NYC hosting the event at Goldbar. We showcased the projects of four 2015 Latin America Fund grantees and paired each filmmaker with a chef to create a dish inspired by the filmmakers’ stories.

1,000 DAYS (Brazil – Documentary)

1,000 days until the Paralympics in Brazil documents a personal countdown for Susana Schnarndorf. A Brazilian former triathlete and six-time Ironman winner, she fights against the ever increasing symptoms of Parkinsons as she strives to compete in the Paralympics for the first time.

Directed by Giovanna Giovanini & Rodrigo Boecker 

Giovanna Giovanini is a director/editor who has worked in broadcast and cable TV production. 1,000 Days is her first feature documentary, which participated at TFI’s Sao Paulo Workshop, AcampaDOC and MiradasDoc.

Rodrigo Boecker has worked as sound designer/recordist in several TV shows and documentaries and as music producer at Rede Globo. He now runs a production company for non-fiction films.

CHEF: Felipe Donnelly of Cómodo


Through the testimony and friendship of Carlos and Liliana, two psychiatric patients, we’ll get to know how they see the world, opening a window into their reality from a more personal perspective, and outside of their diagnosis.

Directed by Olivia Luengas; Produced by Odín Acosta Ascencio

Olivia Luengas is a cinematographer. She shot the documentary The Naptime and has worked in Mexico for Red Bull Media House projects. She in currently working on her first documentary feature.

Odin Acosta Ascencio holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Guadalajara. He works as a Sound Designer and Producer. He has collaborated on more than 70 projects as a sound designer and is part of the winning team for the Ariel Prize for Best Sound for Backyard el Traspatio, Dir. Carlos Carrera, 2011. He was selected to participate in Berlinale Talent Campus in 2013 and has worked for VIACOM, BBC and NETFLIX. Currently he is a producer on the film Away from Meaning, Dir. Olivia Luengas, and a co-producer on The Blue Years, Dir. Sofia Gómez.

CHEF: Roberto Santibanez of Rosa Mexicano, Maria Maria 

MUSEO (Mexico - Narrative) 

Christmas, 1985. Mexico City wakes to the shocking theft of more than 140 precious pieces from the Museum of Anthropology. In the nearby suburbs, the improvable thieves Carlos Perches and Ramon Sardina, best friends and veterinary students, realize the consequences of their ill-conceived heist.

Directed by Alonso Ruiz Palacios; Produced/Written by Manuel Alcala

Alonso Ruiz Palacios is an award-winning filmmaker of short films and theater. His first feature, Güeros, received numerous awards worldwide, including the Berlin Film Festival’s Best First Feature Award as well as Tribeca’s Special Jury Mention.

Manuel Alcalá is a Mexican writer and designer working in the intersection of design, journalism and narrative. Museo is his first feature screenplay to be produced.

CHEF: Julian Medina of Toloache 

The Dionti Family (Brazil - Narrative)

THE DIONTE FAMILY is a lyrical family drama, infused with magic realism, about a father and the two sons he is bringing up alone. It depicts a striking part of the Brazilian countryside, rarely seen in cinema and tells a universally engaging tale about first love, loss and personal transformation.

Directed/Written by Alan Minas; Executive Produced by Daniela Borba; Co-Produced by Emily Morgan

Alan Minas is a writer director from Rio de Janeiro. His previous work includes the feature documentary Fading Away – Parental Alienation and award-winning short films The Language of Things and Men Overboard.

Daniela Borba is based in Rio de Janeiro and set up Carminhola Filmes in 2006. She has produced all of Alan Minas’ films and also directed the award winning short film In the Stars.

Emily Morgan is based in London and set up Quiddity Films in 2011.The Dionti Family is her first Brazilian co-production. In London she works for the distributor Soda Pictures as Production and Development Manager. 

CHEF: Carolina Santos-Neves – Comodo

Wednesday 11:45AM
22 Apr 2015