Key Ingredients, 2016

This year Tribeca Film Institute, with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, showcased the projects of four 2016 Latin America Fund grantees at Key Ingredients during Tribeca Film Festival. We paired three of the filmmakers with a chef to create a dish inspired by the filmmakers’ stories, while one filmmaker was paired with a mixologist.

JAMÓN (Documentary)

Two artists in their twenties in Costa Rica experience for the first time what it’s like to be in a relationship. Throughout this unpredictable passing of time, we accompany them through the ups and downs that make up a romantic relationship.

Directed & Produced by Neto Villalobos 

Neto Villalobos was born in Costa Rica. He studied Sociology and Film Direction. His first feature film Por las Plumas was premiered at TIFF and now he is developing a fiction as well as Jamón.

CHEF: Felipe Donnelly 


Juan is a sixteen-year-old diagnosed with symptoms of Asperger's who makes movies with his 96-year old grandmother. His movies serve as a form of expression and personal refuge, but as he becomes increasingly concerned with the day his grandmother will be gone, his stories begin to explore his feelings about death.  

Directed by Mercedes Dominioni; Produced by Gerardo Castelli 

Mercedes Dominioni Montevideo, 1986. Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Master in editing at ESCAC and Master in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Editor in different documentary projects. Currently she works as editor for Vice magazine. 

Gerardo Castelli Montevideo, 1976. Magister in Documentary (IDEC-Pompeu Fabra). Academic Coordinator in Universidad ORT Uruguay. In 2011 he directed Hospi (documentary, Uruguay), he directed the 2014 production Frozen Man (documentary, Uruguay) Currently he is directing Apuntes Sobre El Desasociego

CHEF: Carolina Santos-Neves

KEYLA (Narrative)

A young woman living on a Caribbean island is searching for her father who is lost at sea. When her estranged family comes to help, she must confront their dark past and this new family she never expected to embrace.

Directed and Written by Viviana Gómez Echeverry

Viviana Gómez Echeverry is a Colombian director, screenwriter and cinematographer. She studied Social Communication at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, where she is now a professor. She specialized in cinematography, wrote and directed two short films Exotic Tropical and 16th Birthday and co-directed the documentary Life is Sacred. Her first feature film Keyla is in postproduction. She also worked as a photographer for several documentaries such as The Eternal Night of 12 Moons and Neonatal

CHEF: Coby Farrow 

NONA (Narrative)

Nona (66) escapes to her summer home in the small coastal Chilean town Pichilemu after she sets fire to her ex-lover’s house. In her new exile, Nona is trying to follow her ideal of re-invention but soon the fire and her past eventually catches up to her. 

Directed & Written by Camila José Donoso

Camila José Donoso was born in 1988, in Santiago de Chile. She premiered her first feature film called Naomi Campbel, co-directed with Nicolás Videla, in FICValdivia and CPH:DOX. Experimenting with the boundaries of documentary and fiction, this film has been acclaimed by national and international critics and exhibit around the world in several film festivals, such as BAFICI, Indielisboa, FICCI, IFF Göteborg, Distrital, La Habana’s film festival and DOK Leipzig, among others.

In 2015, Videla and Donoso received an award for Best Documentary Direction for Naomi Campbel at Cinema Tropical (New York) and got the chance to exhibit the film at Lincoln Center in the Art of the Real Film Festival. In 2014, Donoso started developing her second feature film Nona, based on the delirious personality of her grandmother. The project participated in the script laboratory "3 Puertos Cine” organized by BAFICI BAL and FICValdivia in 2014. The project also participated in Riviera Maya Film Festival’s production laboratory, RivieraLab, where it won the Second Prize as “Best Project in Development”. 

Early this year, Donoso shot the short film Casa Roshell in Mexico, thanks to a grant of residence AMEXCID, a coproduction between Cine Tonalá and Interior XIII. As cultural manager, unifying different filmmakers and programmers, she’s preparing a nomad school of experimental film in 2016 called Transfrontera, between Chile, Perú and Bolivia. 

Mixologist: Juan Coronado 

Monday 12:44PM
16 May 2016