Monica and David (Registered Schools Only)

For Monica and David, two adults living with Down syndrome, the prospect of shared life and family that comes with their marriage is as exciting as can be for any newly weds. But it is also challenging in ways most people cannot imagine. As the young couple begins their life together, their families are unassailable but also cautious in their support, concerned that Monica and David “are not ready for the world, and that the world is not ready for them.” Their child-like limitations, which pose much worry to their friends and family, are also the beautiful qualities that make Monica and David open, loving, and full of life. Though fully aware of their “difference,” they are happy as long as they’re with each other, sharing in their Cuban heritage and often dancing together. Monica and David follows the couple as they prepare for the wedding, get married, and embark on their new life together, providing an intimate look at the evolution of the couple’s relationship with each other and their loved ones.

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Tuesday 6:00AM
16 Dec 2014

Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Ave

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