Tribeca Hacks Creatavist Salon

Date: March 7, 5-7:30pm
Registration Deadline: February 24
Partner: Creatavist
Location: TFI Office, New York City

An extension of the Tribeca Hacks series, Tribeca Hacks Salon incorporates some of the fundamental elements of a traditional hackathon but reframes it into a timespan of three hours. Meant to introduce content makers to new platforms, technologies and storytelling approaches, each session will contain a crash course review, a working session, and a short buildout of shared work.

For this salon we'll be teaming with Creatavist, a cloud-based software platform from Atavist, a company at the forefront of digital publishing. Atavist's mission is to enable the next generation of multimedia storytelling, reaching readers across mobile devices and the Web.

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Friday 12:00PM
07 Mar 2014

TFI Office

Tribeca, New York City