Tribeca Hacks <Festival>

Date: May 7, 2013
Partner: Tribeca Film Festival
Location: New York City
Venue: Centre for Social Innovation

TFI produced a special Tribeca Hacks event for the Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Hacks <Festival>, which is part of our ongoing series of hackathons experimenting with creating new collaborations, practices and a fun sandbox to make different kinds of work. For this one we paired together filmmakers and technologists to make story-driven work over just two days.

The filmmakers included Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead whose film Resolution was distributed by Tribeca Film this year and was part of last year’s TFF. Julia Pott, a British animator who now resident in Brooklyn, also attended to apply her wonderfully twisted art and vision to a game. Technologists included Zach Lieberman, the man behind openFrameworks. We were also really thrilled to have the Google Data Arts Team attend from San Francisco.

We’d like to thank the Centre for Social Innovation for hosting us in their wonderful space—perfect for a weekend of inspiration and creation. See the video above for a recap of the hack.

Here’s more information on each of the projects created:

Extreme Therapy
Created by: Alon Benari and Tal Zubalsky from Interlude, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Terror Engine
An interactive film
Created by: Jeff Crouse from Kitchen Table Coders, Aramique

Past Perfect
Archiving the world’s memories one day at a time
Created by: Jonathan Minard, Alexander Poerter, Scott Rashap, Lauren McCarthy, Barak Ziv

Hear Me
An interactive soundscape exploring life under drones
Created by: Zach Lieberman, openFrameworks, Musa Syeed and Bassam Tariq

Death Curse
An interactive horror game
Created by: Jono Bradel, Aki Rodik, Chris Delbuck, Doug Fritz from Google Data Arts, Julia Pott

Tuesday 7:37AM
07 May 2013