Tribeca Hacks <Hypersensitive>

Dates: May 28-30

DEADLINE: April 1st, 2015
Partners: Print Screen, CoPro
Location: Mediatheque Holon, Israel

Tribeca Hacks <Hypersensitive> explored sensitivity in the digital age.

Many claim that overgrowing use of digital technologies can possibly alienate people and that computer-mediated communication has the risk of making us more indifferent to each other's feelings. Connectivity might have transformed our awareness to social issues worldwide, but the information overload that came with it can result in leaving viewers numb. 

Over the course of 72 hours, storytellers—whether they are traditional filmmakers, journalists or artists, but whose work revolve around story—designers and technologists will worked together to emphasis the ideas of increased sensitivity using techniques of interactive storytelling. The teams investigated how interactive digital technologies can be used to increase our sensitivity toward the other and toward our cultural, physical and global environment. These are their projects:


BFF 2.0 (Best Friends Forever)

Project Description:
An innocent cute looking computer that calls for human interaction by taking mutual selfies together. During the process it collects user’s data like name, email address, Facebook, etc…\

If the user stops interacting for too long, the abandoned computer gets annoyed calling and eventually screaming the user’s name, displaying visually distressing messages, pictures they took together, sends emails, and threatens to make a fuss on Facebook. (“I have to chat with your mother about this! I’m sure she will love me!”)

The computer as well as the human, both undergo an emotional transformation- At first users enjoy the interaction , but as the computer changes its behaviour getting more needy,  they get irritated, annoyed and embarrassed. The relationship instability and the emotional experience, is this project commentary on human-machine interaction.

Team #1: Digital Style

Omri Shacham – Concept, Storyteller, Technologist
Lior Har-Lev - Storyteller, filmmaker, artist
Noam Saban – Interactive Designer
Ido Adler - Developer, Inventor
Inbal Shirin Anlen - Designer, Storyteller, Irritator Muse
Avner Peled - Blackbox, Random Number Generator

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About Print Screen
Print Screen is Israel's international digital culture festival. The festival draws together artists, technologists and digital culture researchers for four days of programming at the Holon Cinematheque, Israel. Print Screen includes a wide variety of films, contextual programming, interactive presentations, and master classes with international artists, workshops, lectures and panel discussions.

About CoPro
CoPro is a documentary marketing foundation dedicated to facilitating cultural discourse and dialogue between Israeli filmmakers and international media representatives for the sake of attaining co-productions. CoPro’s main event is a documentary screen market, that includes seven days of international marketing, a retrospective to a foreign network or country, a pitching forum, panel discussions, workshops and co-production talks.

Preparation & Eligibility
Storytellers—whether they are traditional filmmakers, photographs, animators, journalists or artists, but whose works revolve around story—designers and technologists are invited to apply. Absolutely no prior knowledge in programming or electronics is needed for storytellers.  Attendance for the whole Hackathon is mandatory!

The Hackathon's cost is $60 to attend and we do not cover any travel or accommodation.  Full meals, workplace and office supplies will be provided. We offer all Hackathon participants an accreditation to the Print Screen Digital Culture Festival.

Since each Hackathon we do is different we ask that you read each Hackathon description carefully to ensure you are applying to the events that best suit your needs and interests.


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Dates: May 28-30, 2015