Tribeca Hacks <Paris>

Dates: June 16-18
Main Partners: Cross Video Days, Storycode Paris
Supporting Partners: NUMA, the cultural services of the French Embassy in the US
Location: Numa, Paris, France

For its first French hackathon the Tribeca Film Institute partnered with Storycode Paris and Cross Video Days for a three-day event where six multidisciplinary teams developed a project about "Imagined Futures." Helped by professional mentors, they went from a one-line idea to a basic prototype and an efficient pitch. The top three projects were selected by a prestigious jury with representatives from Arte, Orange and Radio France to be presented during the Cross Video Days Festival.

Special thanks to the Storycode and Cross Video Days teams as well as to our jurors and mentors for their amazing work. Also, big thanks to Numa and the cultural services of the French Embassy in New York for their wonderful support.

Discover some of the projects below.


Émilie Arlet

Nicolas Danjean
Jonathan Mahier

Étienne Milliès-Lacroix
Giulia Pagnini
Negar Zoka

Special advisor: Benjamin Hoguet

You probably haven’t heard about it but a few weeks ago, in the heart of India, a researcher has found the undisputable proof that our reality has been created and planned by an entity, at some point in history, we don’t know when exactly... But what we know now is that everything has been planned and the book of time has been written from the first word to the very last catastrophe.

Moirae is an interactive fiction opposing the fate and the free will. In five acts, you can follow and embody the trajectory of six different characters. These archetypes evolve throughout a web-fiction introduced and concluded by an ARG. 

Is everything already written?  What path will reveal the meaning of life? Beyond a simple story, Moirae will let you build the missing links between fiction and reality.

This project was presented at Cross Video Days.


Once Upon A Lie

Pierre Gouëset 
Yoann Le Grouiec 
Lorène Lescane 
Yasrine Mouaatarif 
Alexandra Quinio 
Laura Tangre 

Special advisor: Mathias Abramovicz

Once Upon A Lie!
Could you live in a NO LIE World?

A project questioning our relationship with our privacy in a world that advocates to become more transparent. Today, the NSA is everywhere. The latest technologies enable them to track, film and listen to everything in any places. What is next? In the future will we still be able to act, think and lie freely?

A social experience both on the web and in real life that enters a world, where lie doesn’t exist anymore: the True World.

A transmedia device:
1. A 20x5mins web series set on the True World, where Truth has become the key word. We follow 5 characters in their ambiguous relationship with Truth, and their quest for a possible way-out.
2. An « insitu » theatrical experience: this True World is transposed in a real place (for example: the museum), where we join the characters of the web series. The public is invited to enter the True World, testing its own ability to evolve into a world of truth.
3. The theatrical experience ends with a timeline tracing the role of lie and transparency in our society.

This project was presented at Cross Video Days.


Cool Democracy

Joel Carvahlo
Christophe de Buretel 
Emmanuel Dugorni
Candice Gasperini
Brigitte Laloupe
David Losada

Special advisor: Gerald Holubowicz 

Cool Democracy encourages 18-35 years old to take action to support a social issue in a funny and viral way.

To encourage people to move from sitting on their sofa to make action, Cool Democracy plays with the web culture to gather users from social networks and to bring them to a centralized web platform, where the first part the experience will take place. The hook, whether it is a video remix or a humorous tweet or a meme, is editorialized by the team, and it follows guidelines that match the pop, irreverent and funny tone that one can found on such place like Reddit or buzz feed. That’s the mark of the Cool Democracy. The web platform is a two-part experience where users start with a quick quiz related to a specific topic and then continue with an action-oriented page that lists easy-to-do daily actions or more complex forms of engagement. A companion app allows users to stay in touch with the Cool Democracy in real time and find « actions » and members in community on-the-go. The idea is to understand, think and act like people about a society issue. The whole project is meant to be licensed to NGO’s and similar organizations that has a civic engagement and wants to create a social impact.

Follow Cool Democracy on Tumblr and Twitter.

This project was presented at Cross Video Days.


Tomorrow Was Good

Chloé Mahier
Ermette Mariani
Xavier de la Vega
Lucile Berland
Jivan Roquet
Isabelle Andreani

Special advisor: Opeyemi Olukemi

Tomorrow Was Good is an interactive science-fiction animation encouraging the audience to question the impact of technological innovations currently under development. 

The user is invited to live on a normal day during which he will be led to make choices between different innovations seamlessly integrated in his daily routines: using a holographic phone or skin implant for communications, having a synthetic burger or a slow-food menu for lunch, etc.

Every choice he makes will have a direct impact on his daily life and the world around him and will materialize as an event, an encounter, a news report, the weather, etc… until at the end of the day, leading to a global description of the world using images and statistics.

To complete the experience, a blog will promote discussions on the latest news about innovation and co-writing initiatives will launch with authors to feed the next versions of the experience.

Follow the project on Twitter.


La France sous-Marine

Thomas Haley
Florence Roy
Yassir Guelzim
Sarah-Lou Lepers

Special advisor: Amélie Leenhardt

After the last elections in Europe, the far right National Front seems to be more powerful than ever in France. Many observers think this party should reach power once for all, so that it proves its incapacity to rule. We offer a simulation of what France would be with Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Front (FN), in charge, in the year 2020. The user is attracted through a Facebook questionnaire: « Are you a good or a bad French? » After answering 5 questions, he is ranked « good » or « bad » French. This result generates a video, along with a profile containing the user’s Facebook information. This video shows the user in a fictional world « under-Marine »: he either becomes a performer of Marine Le Pen’s policy, or he becomes a victim of this policy (i.e. he searches for illegal migrants, or he himself is an illegal migrant). The idea is to offer a humorous content which would go viral and catch the attention of the people who already oppose FN, or the people who doubt and don’t dare to get mobilized. There is a second part to our website with specification sheets and pieces, which would help to understand how incoherent the FN political views are.

Monday 5:00AM
16 Jun 2014