Tribeca Hacks <South Bronx>

Date: September 27, 2014
Partner: THE POINT & The Knowledge House

For our most recent hackathon we partnered with THE POINT and The Knowledge House to organize a Reverse Hackathon on a complex new media project, Immigrant Nation. A 2012 TFI New Media Fund grantee, the project explores our connections to immigration, past and present, through multi-platform storytelling.

Our students, ranging in age from 11 to 18 and based in South Bronx, deconstructed this project into simple story elements which they used to build new narratives that explore the meaning of the themes “immigrant” and “nation.” Many similarities in personal histories and outlooks became highlighted, which facilitated easy and productive conversation. The students took their shared perspectives to the neighborhood and interviewed members of their community about similar topics. After collecting this information, the students used Twine—an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories—to log their collected information and digitally illustrate some of the shared experiences and ancestries that exist in present-day South Bronx. Here is an overview of the project.

The day-long Hackathon was followed by a community brainstorm session that discussed issues facing South Bronx, possible solutions for these issues and the resources needed to carry out these solutions. This brainstorm will help the Tribeca Film Institute, THE POINT and The Knowledge House coordinate an impending long-term Hackathon to reinvision the Bronx’s past, present and future though digital storytelling and urban prototyping. 

Special thanks to THE POINT, The Knowledge House, our Teaching Artists Flonia Telegrafi, Sara Vogel and Krista Hund, the Immigrant Nation project, our in-kind donors and the participants that made the <South Bronx> Hackathon a success.



Saturday 8:43AM
27 Sep 2014