Tribeca Hacks <NDN Country>

Date: November 21-23
Partners: Vision Maker Media, Institute of American Indian Arts
Location: Santa Fe

For our last hackathon of the year, we partnered with Vision Maker Media and the Institute of American Indian Arts to invite American Indian filmmakers and visual artists to collaborate with technologists and designers. The three hybrid teams worked over the course of three day at the Institute of American Indian Arts to create interactive stories around indigenous education, art, history and environment.

Special thanks to Vision Maker Media, IAIA, New Mexico PBS and to the participants for making this hackathon such a great success.

Coyote and Eagle

An interactive website promoting the preservation of Native American languages through storytelling and community outreach.

Feather Metsch – Storyteller - Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians 
Ras K’dee – Blackbox - Pomo/African
Leo  Vicenti  - Designer - Jicarilla Apache
Dwayne Joe – Designer - Navajo Tribe
Paul  Beccio – Technologist - Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico


Technologies used:

Ruby on Rails version 4.1

MySQL Database (Heroku add-ons)

Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.3


rails_admin for CMS

Hosted on


Nawadiniwe: A Native American Boarding School Story

Nawadiniwe is an interactive storybook that tells the story of one Ojibway child’s experience of being taken to a government run missionary boarding school in the 1930’s. Based on family interviews and her grandfather’s writings, the original story was developed as a handmade ledger book by multimedia artist Eve LaFountain. The title comes from the Ojibwe word for taking captives and relates her grandfather’s true story of being taken to boarding school. The artwork is inspired by traditional ledger book art, a style formed by Plains people in the mid 19th century during a time of cultural upheaval.

Eve La Fountain - Story Teller, Writer, Producer - Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Renee Nejo - Designer, Background Illustration, Prop Art
Lyndze Blosser - Character Artist and Designer
Tyrone Headman - Prop Art – Navajo
James Chaffin - Sound Design, Foley, Score - East and West Band Cherokee
Darrick G. Baxter - App Developer - Marten Falls First Nation

Technologies used:

Nizhoni's Kinaalda

Nizhoni's Kinaalda is a storybook app targeted to a young audience that want to learn more about a Navajo girl's coming of age ceremony. Nizhoni's Kinaalda tells the story of a girl named Nizhoni who goes through her first puberty ceremony. Nizhoni is from an urban city and then goes back to the reservation for her ceremony. There she learns about the ceremony and is taught her language. A user will be able to interact with ceremonial objects by clicking on them and listen to the translations in the Dine' language. Video content will also provide educational content about the ceremony.

Patricia Antelles- Technologist /New Media Interface Designer - Abiquiu, New Mexico 

Daniel Tullie- Blackbox - Navajo

Sage Galbraith- Blackbox/Audio Engineer - Muscogee Creek
Sara Broncho- Designer - Shoshone-Paiute/Hidatsa
Tamara Colaque- Storyteller - Jemez Pueblo

Technologies used:
XCODE for iOS App Development
Adobe Suite for Design Elements
Lots of great food and spreads for fuel and lots of collaboration

Date: Nov. 21-23, 2014