Anthony FerraroAnthony Ferraro

Tribeca All Access® | 2007

Anthony Ferraro brought his artist’s eye and marketing skills to bear as a producer of the award-winning feature film Gettin’ Grown. As a producer he provided script consultation, handled media relations, developed the film’s marketing products, managed locations, and helped make casting, music, and production design decisions. Ferraro has written, produced and directed television commercials. He has also created marketing initiatives and distribution strategies for a variety of media and publishing outlets. He lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ferraro's work as an independent artist includes illustration, graphic design, and fine art projects. Currently he provides award-winning creative direction to Time Warner Cable’s advertising department, developing products for print, web, and television applications. His efforts have assisted numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, America Online and Coca-Cola. Tony also develops marketing campaigns for local businesses throughout the Midwest.

Tony’s personal ambition is to use his artistic talents, coupled with his marketing and outreach experience, in positive ventures that enrich the community.

Fruit of the Tree

Tribeca All Access® | 2007