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Internationally celebrated writer, director and producer, Bruno Pischiutta is known for his commitment to the art of filmmaking. Born in Udine, Italy in 1947, Pischiutta began his film career in the late 1960s as an actor in films by Francesco Rosi, Nanni Loy and Billy Wilder. Pischiutta graduated from the Institute of Dramatic Art, Trieste, Italy (1966); he was appointed International Academician by Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia, Italy (1981). He directed his first feature film, COMPAGNE NUDE, in 1977. He followed with films such as ISOLA MECCANICA (1978) and ULTIMO INCONTRO A VENEZIA (1980). He moved to Canada in 1983 following the success of the critically acclaimed THE COMOEDIA (1982) which was awarded the Bronze Medal at the New York International Film & TV Festival in 1982. In Rome, Pischiutta was awarded the Premio Simpatia in 1976. At that time, Franco Zeffirelli and Federico Fellini were the only two directors to achieve this distinction. Other awards include: Italian Film Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival; A.M. Scheible and One Million Lire - Awarded by the Belle Arti Di Roma. In North America, he wrote and directed SHOPPING CENTER (1983-1984), five half-hour television dramas, and one TV movie BOUNTY HUNTERS (1985). He also produced and directed LA PIAZZETTA (1985-1986), and two half-hour weekly shows: TELEMODA and LA VETRINA DEL SUCCESSO. In 1986, he wrote, directed and produce LIFE'S CHARADE (1987), and he received the Finalist Award at the New York International Film & TV Festival. Other films Bruno directed are THE TELEGRAM (1988-1989) and THE GLASSBLOWER (1990-1991). In 1996 he direct films such as DEAD LOVE (1997) (TV) and MAYBE (2003). In 2003, Bruno Pischiutta was awarded The Visionary in Film Award at the Bahamas One World Film Festival for MAYBE (2003). His film, PUNCTURED HOPE, was nominated by The Political Film Society (Hollywood) in two categories:Best Film Expose and Best Film on Human Rights. PUNCTURED HOPE (2009) was also an Official Selection at the Montreal Film Festival and it qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards in 2010. Bruno Pischiutta IMDB: