Ed BarreveldEd Barreveld

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund | 2011

Ed Barreveld has been making films since 1986 when he first joined Canada's Oscar-winning National Film Board's Ontario Studio. He has been an independent filmmaker since 1996, producing mostly point of view, auteur driven documentaries for broadcasters such as the CBC, BBC, A&E, and TVAsahi. In 2000, Barreveld co-founded Storyline Entertainment Inc. and produced the award winning feature documentaries Aftermath: The Remnants of War and Shipbreakers. In 2004, Barreveld became the sole principal of Storyline Entertainment. That same year, Storyline released Bruce & Me (an Australian-Canadian co-production) and Whale of a Tale, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Barreveld's projects Hitler's Canadians and The Secret of the Snake Goddess (a Canada/Germany/Greece co-production) aired in 2007 and his Gemini winning feature documentary Tiger Spirit premiered at Hot Docs 2008. 2009 saw the release of It's a Teen's World: Wired for Sex, Lies and Power Trips, and My Toxic Baby (a 2009 Toronto International Film Festival selection). Resilience: Stories of Black Single Mothers, The Market and The Real M*A*S*H will be released in 2010. Barreveld is based in Toronto, Canada.

The World Before Her

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund | 2011 (Spotlighting Women Documentary Award)
TFI Screening Series | 2012