Sebastián BrahmSebastián Brahm

TFI Latin America Fund | 2013

Sebastián Brahm (1973) studied Journalism at Universidad Católica de Chile and entered the film industry after
several years working as a reporter. A self-taught multi-tasker, he writes, directs, edits, produces and acts. He wrote,
directed and produced the feature film "El circuito de Román" ("Roman's circuit", Toronto International Film Festival
2011) as well as the fiction short film "Las bicicletas" ("Bicycles, 2005). He wrote and produced the documentary
feature "La peninsula de los volcanes" ("The volcanic peninsula", 2004), by Francisco Hervé. He also co-wrote and
co-edited the Chilean documentary features "El poder de la palabra" ("The power of speech", IDFA 2009), by
Francisco Hervé and "El salvavidas" ("The lifeguard", IDFA 2011), by Maite Alberdi. He has extensive experience as a
television documentary editor. He formerly taught screenwriting in Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de
Chile. He played the lead role in an upcoming Chilean fiction feature.