Matt FiferMatt Fifer

Initially working in research at Columbia University Medical Center, Matt Fifer made the natural transition into film and television. At the New School, he studied under SHERRYBABY director Laurie Collyer. He's worked on shorts, commercials, and big budget features like THE AVENGERS and A LATE QUARTET. In 2016 and 2017, he made IndieWire’s “Top 10” list for best web series of the year.

Matt grew up in the suburbs of New York. It was a mostly homogenous town on the outskirts of an abandoned psych center. Irish and Italian immigrants came in throughout the 1900s, some to be doctors and others to be nurses. By the time he arrived, there were more churches than mental health clinics— more pubs than people of color. His house was a bubble. From the time he was five, his family took in three to four new immigrants each year to help pay for school— everywhere from Taiwan to Tajikistan. As a filmmaker, he tries to go back to his roots. He likes to find something queer or transgressive on the outskirts of mental health against, then he throws it against the white walls of his hometown. When he writes, he wants it to scare his neighbors.


TFI Network | 2019
TFI Pond5 Program | Spring 2019