Sean Shodahl

Tribeca All Access® | 2006

Sean Shodahl works in New York City as program director for the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers.  He creates and implements programs to aid the production and financing for independent films and video.

Working in the independent film industry since the late nineties with film festivals, he programmed and managed with a core team the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival for three years.  He has directed and produced festival trailers, developed scripts for independent feature projects and works as a program assistant for various film festivals. Sean also helped launch, in its premier year, the Tribeca All Access program for the Tribeca Film Institute. 

Sean Shodahl has always been passionate about getting the stories of underrepresented minorities heard in the media. He began work with Maryam on The Color of Love as its US-based producer and is working as Associate Producer in the development of Circumstance.

He is also contributing editor of The Independent, a monthly magazine dedicated to the independent film and video arts scene.


Tribeca All Access® | 2006