Tanya Ager MeillierTanya Ager Meillier

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund | 2012

Tanya Ager Meillier was born in Manchester U.K. of mixed Chinese and English descent. Often in tow of her mum, she spent much of her childhood traveling the world and developed a lifelong passion for immersing herself in foreign cultures. This curiosity about the world grew organically in to a career as a documentary filmmaker.

Along with her husband and artistic collaborator, Alex Meillier, Tanya produced and edited the film Obscene which premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival where it was praised for it's vibrant editorial style in the publication “Variety” and elsewhere.
Also as an editor her work can be seen recently on the Sundance Channel in seasons 1 & 2 of the short film series Beginnings as well as in Michael Moore's latest magnum opus Capitalism: A Love Story.

In addition to Obscene, Tanya produced over fifty unique short films for the Action Center to End World Hunger - a unique interactive exhibit space in Lower Manhattan commissioned by Mercy Corps and American Express and was post-production supervisor for the films Which Way Home and Beijing Punk.

In 2005 Tanya traveled to East Timor to produce and edit the film Kbiit (Timorese for "Courage") which chronicled the evolution of the UN Mission in East Timor and the effort to build a democracy from the rubble that remained after the 1999 violence. This experience left an indelible mark on Tanya and she has sought ever since to advance the cause of the Timorese to the forefront of public discourse.

She currently resides with her husband in New York City.

Alias Ruby Blade

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund | 2012