A Day for Susana

Susana is a successful Brazilian triathlete who has been diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease. Through swimming, she returns to the sports world on a 1,000 day journey to reach the 2016 Paralympics.

Giovanna Giovanini Giovanna Giovanini

Giovanna is a director/editor who has worked in broadcast and cable TV production. 1,000 Days is her first feature documentary, which participated at TFI’s Sao Paulo Workshop, AcampaDOC and... more»

Rodrigo Boecker Rodrigo Boecker

Rodrigo has worked as sound designer/recordist in several TV shows and documentaries and as music producer at Rede Globo. He now runs a production company for non-fiction films.

Additional Credits

Gustavo Nasr - DP/COLORIST

"As directors, we are deeply touched by the story of a woman who faces her death foretold as a life sentence in search of a big dream."

Genre: Documentary