18 Days In Egypt

18DaysinEgypt.com is an interactive documentary project that empowers Egyptians to preserve the incredible social media they created--their on-the-ground, eye-witness accounts--and to add their voice to an important story.

Jigar Mehta Jigar Mehta

Jigar Mehta is responsible for developing and managing the project’s story content. Jigar is a documentary filmmaker and a journalist. He was a John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University,... more»

Yasmin Elayat Yasmin Elayat

Yasmin Elayat is the lead technologist for the project, primarily responsible for developing the design & vision for 18DaysinEgypt.com and leading the development team. Yasmin is an interaction... more»

“Our aim with this project is to innovate a form of storytelling itself. We are encouraging the source to be the storyteller, we are providing a place for those stories to come together.”

Genre: Interactive