Before he is thrown in prison for exposing government corruption in his latest book, Turkish journalist Yusuf convinces his ex-wife and adult daughters to reunite for a sailing trip on the Aegean coast. As soon as they leave the marina, tensions rise, old resentments surface and new secrets are revealed. 

Aslihan Unaldi Aslihan Unaldi
Screenwriter, Director

Aslihan Unaldi is a screenwriter and director based in Brooklyn. She grew up in her beloved Istanbul, which she left at 18 to move to another magical city, New York. Aslihan’s... more»

Izabella Tzenkova Izabella Tzenkova

Izabella Tzenkova is an independent producer based in New York. In 2010 she founded Kotva Films, with a focus on developing projects by new and up and coming talent. Her first film, LILY,... more»