After The Fire

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2018 (Big Sky Documentary Film Festival)

AFTER THE FIRE follows residents of Sonoma Valley as they struggle to find their places in a community that has been reshaped overnight by the historic Northern California wildfires. It is an intimate look at what they’ve lost, what they’ve gained, and what happens next, after the fire.

Derek Knowles Derek Knowles
Director, Cinematographer

Derek Knowles is a California-based documentary filmmaker who has worked for outlets like National Geographic, Netflix, and CNN, and with Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Richard Robbins... more»

Spencer Seibert Spencer Seibert
Director, Editor

Spencer Seibert is a Chicago filmmaker who has worked on documentaries and branded content for companies like Nike and Google, as well as music videos for artists including Aerosmith and

Paul Martinez Paul Martinez

Paul Martinez has spent the balance of his life in Applied Horticulture and is making his first foray into the documentary world with this project. He is a first-generation... more»

Genre: Documentary