Almost Adults

TFI Network | 2016

A platonic love story about two life long best friends struggling to keep their friendship together as their lives head in different directions.

Sarah Rotella Sarah Rotella

Sarah Rotella directs short films, web series, and features with her debut feature film Almost Adults. Her directing efforts have garnered 50+ million YouTube views and her films have been screened in... more»

Adrianna DiLonardo Adrianna DiLonardo

Adrianna has written a feature film, 3 web series and 2 viral videos that have over 50+ million views online and played in festivals around the world. She is the co-creator of YouTube's... more»

Rebecca Swift Rebecca Swift

Rebecca Swift, Toronto Producer, has been working primarily in animation for almost ten years. Projects include Lost in Oz (Amazon Studios) & Vitaminamulch (DisneyToon Studios). Her... more»

Additional Credits

Natasha Negovanlis (Lead)

Elise Bauman (Lead)

Ryan Glover (Cinematographer)

Haya Waseem (Picture Editor)

ALMOST ADULTS was green-lit by its audience. Raising 305% of its budget on Kickstarter, the filmmakers broke away from short format to produce a film while retaining 100% creative control. 

Genre: Scripted, Comedy