American 11

TFI Network | 2020

Nabeel is a 17-year old B-average student from Boston, content making beats with his best friend. When he loses his mother on September 11th, 2001, he must navigate his new-found identity as an American, who happens to be Muslim, in the aftermath of the attacks.

Shayain Lakhani Shayain Lakhani
Director, Co-screenwriter

Shayain Lakhani is a First-Generation Muslim-American writer and director whose parents immigrated to the States from Karachi, Pakistan. Although born in Houston, Texas, Shayain was not able to settle... more»

Darren Dean Darren Dean

Darren Dean is an American producer, writer, and director. A three-time Independent Spirit Award nominee, Dean is responsible for producing the award-winning features PRINCE OF BROADWAY (which he... more»

Devon Solwold Devon Solwold
Co-screenwriter, Editor

Devon Solwold is an emerging filmmaker whose primary focus is writing, directing, and editing. He’s considered himself incredibly lucky to know that his purpose is to forward humanity through... more»

Liz Kraushaar Liz Kraushaar

Liz has gained a reputation for her tenacity, having produced an array of award-winning films and commercials that all display ambition, and a clear artistic statement. For her, film is a powerful and... more»

Ben Schexnaydre Ben Schexnaydre

Ben Schexnaydre is an Independent Film Producer from a small town in Louisiana that is committed to uncompromising visions that create a dialogue and foster a sense of community. Ben has produced... more»

Additional Credits

Sarah Shahi (Cast)
Adi Nathani (Cast)

Genre: Scripted, Coming-of-Age, Drama