Baby Steps

Danny, a Taiwanese-American man, and his partner Tate, long to have a baby, but the journey becomes more complicated by Danny’s meddlesome mother who wants to control every aspect of the process from Taipei.

Barney Cheng Barney Cheng

Barney co-starred opposite Woody Allen in the comedy Hollywood Ending. In addition to acting, Barney works as a writer and filmmaker. He is currently setting up A Doorknob Away for an international... more»

Li Kong Hsu Li Kong Hsu

An Oscar-winning producer from Taiwan, Hsu’s titles include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as well as all of Ang Lee’s “father trilogy” films—The Wedding Banquet, Eat... more»

Stephen Israel Stephen Israel

Stephen is best known for executive producing the critically acclaimed sleeper hit Swimming with Sharks, starring Kevin Spacey. His most recent award-winning film G.B.F. starring Megan Mullally... more»

Additional Credits

Grace Guei, Michael Adam Hamilton, Barney Cheng, Yvette Mercedes, Ai Fong Mo

"Baby Steps is about the journey of making a baby. More importantly, it's about taking baby steps to bridge distance and reconcile differences to welcome a new beginning.”

Genre: Scripted, Drama