Derek and Giorgia, a young couple of biologists, enter the hostile land of Tierra del Fuego to investigate a devastating plague of beavers sweeping the area.

Antonio Luco Antonio Luco

Antonio studied film in the Catholic University of Chile. He has worked as editor, screenwriter and director. Beaverland is his first feature film.

Nicolás Molina Nicolás Molina

Nicolás studied film at the Catholic University of Chile. His short films The Wild Boar (documentary) and The Athlete (fiction) have been present in several film festivals. Beaverland is his... more»

Francisco Hervé Francisco Hervé

Francisco’s last film The Power of Speech was in the First Appearance IDFA competition and was awarded in Valdivia and FIDOCS. He created the company Panchito Films, hosting projects of fellow... more»

“Beavers form family units, are tenacious builders and modify their surroundings to their needs. In Patagonia, with their environmentally devastating dams, they’ve become a metaphor of humans when joining a new ecosystem.“

Genre: Documentary