Before the Beast Returns

A lifelong loser’s failed attempt at suicide leads him on a quixotic journey toward self-awareness—and the true identity of Bigfoot.

Sterlin Harjo Sterlin Harjo
Director/ Writer

Sterlin Harjo belongs to the Creek and Seminole Nations, and is a native of Holdenville, Oklahoma.  Interested from an early age in visual art and film, Harjo studied painting at the University... more»

Chad Burris

Chad Burris belongs to the Chickasaw Nation and is a native of Oklahoma.  Mr. Burris returned from Los Angeles in 2002, where he appeared in an Aaron Spelling Production and had a role in a... more»

Ted Kroeber

Ted Kroeber is the producer, along with Forest Whitaker, of the feature film American Gun which is currently in post-production with his company, Spirit Dance Entertainment.  With his partner,... more»

Genre: Scripted