Black Sunshine

As an albino girl tries to balance life between a demanding mother and her rejecting environment, a mythical reality is presented to her, but the path it leads to might be darker than she thinks.

Akosua Adoma Owusu Akosua Adoma Owusu
Director, Writer, Producer

Akosua Adoma Owusu is an artist of Ghanaian parentage whose films have screened at festivals, museums, and microcinemas since 2005.  Her short, Kwaku Ananse, was the award-winner for Ghana at the... more»

Yaba Blay Yaba Blay

A professor, producer, and publisher, Dr. Yaba Blay is one of today’s leading voices on colorism and global skin color politics. She teaches Africana Studies at Drexel University in... more»

Bee Walker Bee Walker

Bee Walker is a Kenyan born photographer residing in New York City. Her work explores cultural dynamics within her immediate and surrounding communities. She also works as a producer for... more»

Additional Credits

Ama Ampadu - (Producer)

Mirabel Mavis Awuah - (Producer)

Raimond Goebel - (Co-Producer)

Ingrid Lill Høgtun - (Co-Producer)

Obibini Pictures - (Producer)

Charles Lawson - (Still Photographer)

Akosua Adoma Owusu - (Production Design)

"Black Sunshine examines albino Africans as tropes for cross-cultural identity while creatively engaging in representations of beauty and unbalanced power relations in the intricacies of everyday life."

Genre: Scripted