Case Unsolved

TFI Network | 2019

Husbands Riz and Owen accidentally summon a murderous teenage ghost and demonic horse monster from a 1987 docu-series.

C.J. Arellano C.J. Arellano
Director, Screenwriter

C.J. is an award-winning writer/director based in Chicago. The International Screenwriting Association named him one of the Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2019. He won grand prizes at the New York... more»

Becca Stahl Becca Stahl

Becca Stahl is the co-founder of The Nova Collective (, a Chicago-based company delivering content around diversity, equity, and inclusion. She’s tuned in to trends... more»

Eugene Sun Park Eugene Sun Park
Executive Producer

Eugene Sun Park is a filmmaker and producer working in narrative and experimental forms. His films have screened at over 400 festivals, micro-cinemas, museums, galleries, and alternative screening... more»

Additional Credits

Taylor Witten (Producer)
Mark Burns (Producer)

Photo credit: Michael Ognisanti

Genre: Scripted, Horror