Charlotte So Far

TFI Network | 2018

A teenage girl starts her sophomore year of high school being anonymously betrayed. This act inspires her to tell her life story with self-created videos and social media to figure out why this happened, who might have done it, how to move forward - and who she is. 

Douglas Tirola Douglas Tirola
Co-director, Co-writer

Douglas is an award-winning director. His films have premiered at Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca and SXSW. They include DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD (Magnolia), HEY BARTENDER (Showtime) and AN OMAR BROADWAY... more»

Charlotte Tirola Charlotte Tirola
Co-director, Co-writer

Charlotte is a high school sophomore.  She has created two PSA's for school and has taken classes in both narrative film production and documentary production. She is currently enrolled in an... more»

Susan Bedusa Susan Bedusa

Susan’s films include BISBEE ’17 (Sundance 2018), KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE (Sundance 2017) and DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD (Sundance 2015). Her work has premiered on HBO, Showtime, Netflix,... more»

Additional Credits

Geralyn Dreyfous (Executive Producer)

Photo credit: 4th Row Films

Genre: Documentary