Child’s Play

In December 2006, President Calderon launched a nationwide crackdown against drug-traffickers in Mexico. Since then, over 50,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence, causing a humanitarian crisis that is jeopardizing the lives of millions of families. Devani (age 9) witnessed her uncle‘s brutal murder and now she feels numb. Leslie (age 5) is afraid of everything. At night, beheaded men hunt her. Antonio instead, wants revenge. On his seventh birthday his parents go missing. Yet another unsolved disappearance case in Monterrey. War around them is so real that childhood is eluding them. But there’s a safe place where they can play. Funny games, silly games, children’s games after all. Rodrigo and a small team of young psychologists are there to listen and help them heal. 

Alba Mora-Roca Alba Mora-Roca

Alba Mora is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia producer who worked as a freelance for five years in Barcelona. She has directed three documentaries in India, Colombia and... more»

Susana Casares

Genre: Documentary