COCKEYED by Ryan Knighton is adapted by him from his highly acclaimed memoir with the same title. The story is tough, tender, and darkly comic as Ryan crashes into life while going slowly blind, and trying to save his brother Rory from drugs, alcohol, and a really bad girlfriend. In the end Ryan finds his own way forward and a wonderful woman who makes him stronger by refusing to pity his tangled life and loss of sight.

Ryan Knighton Ryan Knighton

On his 18th birthday, Canada's Ryan Knighton was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a congenital disease marked by a progressive pathology of night-blindness, tunnel vision, and... more»

Jody Hotchkiss Jody Hotchkiss

Jody worked at MGM as a VP of East Coast Production before becoming a literary agent representing books, articles, and life rights for film/television at his company Hotchkiss and Associates. He is... more»

Cast & Crew

Susan Cartonsis--Producer

Jodie Foster--Director

Genre: Scripted