Constructed Memories

TFI Network | 2020
TFI Pond5 Program | Fall 2019

CONSTRUCTED MEMORIES, an immersive episodic narrative, experienced through transformative conversations between father and daughter across barriers of time and space.

Patricia Antelles Patricia Antelles
Immersive Designer, Director, Co-Producer

As Creative Technologist and creator of emerging media, Patricia designs experiential story-based projects. Collaborating with design teams she produces compelling experiences across film, immersive... more»

Melinda Hess Melinda Hess
Immersive Subject, Editor, Co-Producer

Melinda Hess is a film editor, director and producer of documentary films. Melinda and her deceased father are subjects of The Constructed Memories Project. Melinda was the Filmmaker in Residence at... more»

Nathalie Mathe Nathalie Mathe
Cinematic Virtual Reality Advisor

Nathalie Mathe is an award winning Virtual Reality, animation and documentary director interested in pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling and interactivity for exploring social, cultural... more»

Tim Kanellitsas Tim Kanellitsas
Designer and Unity Developer

Tim Kanellitsas is a Unity developer, co-founder and Director of KairosXR Design. Tim is a developer/designer on virtual and augmented reality projects across Healthcare, Academia, Enterprise Training... more»

Andrew Jevsevar Andrew Jevsevar
Unity Developer

Andrew Jevsevar is is a Unity developer, co-founder and Director of Technology of KairosXR. As a Unity developer, Andrew focuses exclusively on mobile and console-based virtual reality and augmented... more»

Armand Aguirre Armand Aguirre
Mixed Reality Content Creator

Armand Aguirre is a created mixed reality content creator in 360 and volumetric capture. Armand is passionate about creating the future and collaborating on building the next digital platform for the... more»

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Photo Credit: Patricia Antelles