The Edge of Democracy

An epic tragedy of corruption and betrayal, Impeachment is a behind-the-scenes look at the ousting of Brazil’s first female president. With access to the president and other key politicians, the film unravels like a political thriller as Brazil falls into disarray, echoing the undoing of so many democracies throughout the world.

Petra Costa Petra Costa

Petra Costa’s films center around female protagonists and engage in an archaeology of affections. Executive Produced by Fernando Meirelles and Tim Robbins, Elena was called a “cinematic... more»

Tiago Pavan Tiago Pavan

Tiago Pavan is the managing director of Busca Vida Filmes, a production company focused on author-driven documentaries. He produced Olmo and the Seagull (2015), which premiered at Locarno, won... more»

Sara Dosa Sara Dosa

Sara Dosa is an Indie-Spirit Award nominated documentary director and a Peabody Award-winning producer. As a producer, she recently produced the Peabody and Emmy nominated SURVIVORS about Ebola in... more»

Shane Boris Shane Boris

Shane Boris produces films that push conventional forms to tell timeless stories. His most recent, ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (2016), won Best Directing at Sundance and was released by The Orchard.... more»


Additional Credits

Sara Dosa (Co-producer)

João Atala (Director of Photography)

Genre: Documentary