El Refugio de los Insomnes

A unique friendship develops among a man who suffers from insomnia, an aspiring photographer and a woman who is unsure about her pregnancy. They convene each evening in a local market where the comedic behavior of the late-night customers distracts them from each of their own issues.  

Sergio Goyri Álvarez Sergio Goyri Álvarez

Sergio Goyri studied filmmaking at CECC. He wrote, directed and edited Requiem para Diana. Sergio spent a semester in Florence where he studied photography at the Marangoni Studio. He completed... more»

Joseduardo Giordano Joseduardo Giordano

Joseduardo Giordano studied filmmaking at CECC. He wrote and directed A mis hijas and La última y nos vamos. He co-wrote with Sergio Goyri Requiem para Diana. In 2012 he directed Lalo &... more»

Issa Guerra Issa Guerra

Issa graduated from screenwriting and filmmaking at CCC, Cum Laude for her academic trajectory and the amount of works produced in that institution. She has produced a number of films such as... more»

Additional Credits

Larisa Argüero Mendoza (Producer)

Genre: Scripted