Face Value

Hedy Lamarr, born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in 1914 Vienna, was a Hollywood star – “the most beautiful girl in the world”, according to Ed Sullivan – the first woman to appear fully nude in a legitimate motion picture, the Czech film Ecstasy, and the inventor of a device that allowed frequency hopping. This visionary concept would supply the U.S. Army with the secure remote-control guidance system for torpedoes, and become the forerunner to all wireless communication today. 

Gretchen Somerfeld Gretchen Somerfeld
Producer/ Writer

Gretchen has written, directed, and produced a feature film and three shorts. All of the films have received worldwide distribution and have been shown at numerous venues -- from the American... more»

David Baxter David Baxter

David Baxter received his degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and worked in corporate marketing before beginning his entertainment career as assistant to documentary director, Errol... more»

Cast & Crew

Rose Ganguzza--Executive Producer

Uli Edel--Director

Jose Rivera--Writer

Genre: Scripted